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Explaining the California QME/AME process

Sometimes there is confusion between a QME, an AME, a QME Panel and other bodies involved in the California workers’ compensation process.  In this article we explore some of the key principles.   QME/AME General Definition A Qualified Medial Examiner (QME) has been certified by the state of California Division of  Workers’ Compensation (DWC) to […]

10 Topics to know for the QME exam

We get many requests for QME exam study materials.  Since all our courses can be read for free online, we recommend browsing through some of our QME CE courses to familiarize oneself with what topics could be covered on the QME exam.  Here’s a list of topics that we think are important and what the DWC […]

The application process for California QMEs

Cases involving personal injury and workers’ compensation often require expert opinion from a physician who can evaluate a claimant’s impairment related to a specific injury. The Department of Workers’ Compensation Medical Unit appoints QMEs (qualified medical evaluators) to perform these medical evaluations. The Medical Unit also issues QME panels to injured workers and claims administrators. […]